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      . . . to Plastic Suits!, a TCG dedicated to Toei's Kamen Rider and Super Sentai television series'. Past and present, old and new; we aim to have a little something for everyone, be it super heroes, pretty people, or sillyawesome toys adults shouldn't play with but we enjoy doing so anyway. Take a look around and please feel free to join if you like!


Posted Jun 11, 2012. 5 comments.

This entry will be updated as the day goes on; there may not be a deck release until tomorrow. I want to catch up on everything else and finally get some other things up.

  • Level Ups: Aegis: Level 2 -> Level 3; Ralene: Level 2 -> Level 3 -> Level 4. Congratulations!
  • Masteries: Congratulations to Aegis for our first mastery! Aegis: decade-decade, megaranger-megared, megaranger-megablack; Ralene: ooo-oootatobacombo, decade-diend, gekiranger-gekiblue, decade-kaitoudaiki. Your master badges can be found on their respective deck pages, or in your mastery threads on the forum (if you have one).
  • Forum Stuff: I’ve added two new tags to the forum—[card] and [master]—to make things a little easier when posting such things on the forum. Usage is easy; simply use [card]filename[/card] or [master]filename[/master] (file extension is unnecessary).

Edit for a quick question/poll -
Do you think we should have AkibaRanger decks? Obviously the whole point of the show is that they’re not an official sentai team, but I’ll count ‘em if you want ‘em. XD;

  • Attack Cards: Attack Card information and pickup is now available on the forum! Keep in mind that Attack Card trades ARE retroactive, so some of you can probably easily fill up 3 or 4 in one go :)

  • Prejoin Badges: Are now up at the forum! Sorry it took so long ;A; If you left an image, you have one made. Ralene, since you’ve mastered your choice deck already, please let me know what your new choice deck is :)

  • Games: Have all been updated, as well as a new one added! Who’s That Henshin Hero? and Super Hero Scramble! have both been moved to Bi-Weekly games, and their prizes have been adjusted accordingly. The answers to the previous rounds were Kandou Jan (Movie Prince -> Prince of Tennis movie (live action) -> Mother Hen/Territory -> Oishi Syuichirou -> Suzuki Hiroki -> GekiRanger -> Kandou Jan and Chalice, respectively.

  • Future Updates: As of next week, the update schedule will (finally) go to what I originally planned of 3 times a week—donations/housekeeping stuff on Mondays, games on Wednesdays, and deck releases on Saturday or Sunday. Obviously, this is to help myself spread the work out so I’m not spending all day updating—in general, decks take the longest —anything on the “Upcoming” list *usually* isn’t actually cleaned/saved as cards yet; it’s just that all the images have been cropped/resized and thrown in the template. I don’t actually save them as cards until release day. This also gives me a little more wiggle room as necessary. This is the summer schedule, and may change in the end of August depending on my class schedule :)

  • I’m headed up to my mum’s for about a week on Sunday, but I’ll have my laptop with me so I can still take care of just about everything except anything graphic-related (mostly too lazy to move all the files over from my desktop; site files I can just nab from the FTP).

Update Part 1

Posted Jun 3, 2012. 2 comments.

The problem with finding yourself with free time is that you realize you don’t actually have free time yet, because you have to do all the things you put off (like cleaning) because you previously had no free time, haha. First part of the update, with half of the deck release and other things. I wanted to take care of forum stuff first. Games have not yet been updated. The rest of the update *may* happen tonight; we’ll see how long it takes me to take care of forum stuff and making a few other things :)

I plan on spending this week going through discs and screencapping for some of the decks that have been sitting there waiting on two or three images to be finished.

  • New Player: Welcome, Aby!
  • Forum stuff: Forum rewards and double exchanges will be taken care of shortly. Meanwhile, there’s a shiny new build-a-deck activity—Kamen Rider Style, and Super Sentai Style
    Edit: All forum rewards/exchanges/etc have theoretically been taken care of (except Prejoin badges). If I missed you, please let me know!

  • Deck Release: First half, since I wanted to get this up as quickly as possible and not leave ya’ll hanging. The next batch will be entirely Super Sentai. My goal here is “5 decks per series” (because 6 is apparently the new 5 for Go-Onger, derp.), so the next few updates will have (hopefully) enough of each series to hit that goal. You may take a total of 10 cards, with no more than two per deck. If you donated to a deck, you may take an additional card from that deck. Remember to comment with what you took :)


Posted May 29, 2012. 3 comments.

Just a quick note to let ya’ll know I’m home, and I will be working periodically throughout the week making decks and catching up on forum replies/etc, with a planned complete-full-total update of games and a lot of things I hadn’t had a chance to put up yet this weekend.

For being so awesomely patient with me this month, everyone may take TWO choice cards. Cards must be from different decks, and please leave a comment telling me what you took :)

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