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Posted May 16, 2012. Leave a comment?

Mini, because it should only last two weeks. This is my last week of classes before finals—my portfolio review is this Thursday, my final critique is on Friday, and I have two additional finals (and a final project due) on the 24th—the woes of being an art major, haha. I’m leaving for Fanime pretty much as soon as my finals are finished, and will be out of town until… Monday the 28th, I think (I’m not the driver). Add school stuff to con stuff (I’m both a cosplayer and a regular Artist Alley participant, so finishing costumes and new prints and such), and I’m booked pretty solid for the next couple of weeks.

That said! There will be no real updates between now and then. I will check the forums/hand out rewards/etc. periodically. The following games may be played once per week until the next update: Hangman, W-Memory, Super Hero Taisen!, Random!

If there’s something you think needs my immediate attention, please feel free to shoot me an email (plasticsuits@gmail)—I’m more likely to see that than a forum post or update comment :)

That said, hope you have your underpants!

Needs moar bolero jackets

Posted May 9, 2012. 3 comments.

*ahem* It’s a bit TL;DR. I apologize. And an additional NOTICE: There may not be an update next week. It’s my last week of school before finals, and I need to go play good student and study my ass off (because I am terrible at math and beginning algebra still kicks my ass and makes my brain work in funny ways and oh god I can’t fail this class again) and finish way too many art projects than should be humanly possible. I’ll let you know on Sunday or Monday.

  • New Affiliates: Chivalry. Check ‘em out!
  • Level Ups Aegis leveled up to level 2! Congratulations!
  • Games: All games have been updated.
  • Answers: The answers to this week’s Super Hero Scramble and Who’s That Henshin Hero? were Esumi Sousuke and Kamishiro Tsurugi (Club Lord & ladies & ‘gers* -> Ouran High School Club -> Suou Tamaki -> Yamamoto Yuusuke -> Kamen Rider Kabuto -> Kamishiro Tsurugi), respectively. *GekiBlue/Fukami Retsu +evilmirrortwin (Takagi Manpei/Shinpei) & GoseiRed/Alata (Chiba Yuudai), for future reference ;)
  • Rewards: Vainilla, you have referral rewards waiting for you. Forum rewards will be posted shortly.
  • Deck Release: Another uneven Rider-to-Sentai batch, mainly because I wanted 555 to have more than one deck, and to have an even number of Rider/Sentai series (for reasons to be explained below) ;) You may take 10 cards total; no more than two per deck. If you donated to the deck, you may take an additional card. Comment with what you took.

  • Other News (Deck Donations): For the rest of the month (or at least until I see fit), I will not accept deck donations for any series for which decks do not already exist. Yes, it’d be nice to have 50 different series to choose from—but currently I would like to even out the number of (released) decks between the series we currently have. This does not affect decks for series that have already been donated, but not made (currently, only ZyuRanger—so more ZyuRanger decks may be donated, since I won’t release any until there are at least 2 decks ready to go). That said, donations for any series with less than 3 decks (released OR on the upcoming list) will receive an extra two cards as rewards.
    ++ While I’m on the subject of deck donations, please check the upcoming list AND wait until I give you the go-ahead on the deck claiming thread to post your donations. There have been a few cases where images were donated after the deck in question had already been made (but not released) for several days before the images were donated. I will update the deck claiming thread to state this more clearly. I’m glad you’re enthusiastic about the game, but it makes unnecessary work for the both of us, and I feel bad not being able to reward you for your work (mainly because I already did it).
    ++ Rule of Thumb for the “upcoming” list: If it is labeled as MAKING (it will have the subject and (#/21) after it), you may donate images to it. If it is labeled as UPCOMING, the deck has already been made, and I will NOT accept donations for it unless I specifically call for additional images. The list is updated every time I work on decks (roughly twice a week), so please be sure to check it before you donate.

  • The Future (Deck Releases): Once the number of decks have been evened out between the current shows, I’m considering changing the way I release decks for new shows. Currently new shows won’t be released until at least two decks have been made. However, this won’t really cut it when all of the older shows have 8+ decks and the new one only has two—it’d be really hard to get your precious (insert series here), as I’m sure some of you are currently finding out. SO! I’m thinking about changing it to having 5 decks made before a new series is added, and releasing them as a booster-pack sort of thing. So what do you think? Yes? No? Don’t care either way? Let me know, and take a random core medal for answering.

Heads up

Posted May 7, 2012. 7 comments.

I haven’t feeling well the past few days and think I’m coming down with a cold, so I’m pushing this week’s update to Wednesday to give myself a chance to rest up and get some schoolwork done.

A few things, first:

  • New Members: Syarapi and Vainilla. Welcome!
  • Freebies: Today’s one of my brothers’ birthday and tomorrow is my soultwinwife’s birthday, so you may each take two choice 05 cards, one choice 07 card, and one choice 08 card. Cards must come from separate decks. Leave a comment to let me know what you took :)

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