Medal Exchange Information

Trade in your medals here!

Medal Exchange Information

Postby Nori » Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:37 pm

Medals can be exchanged for other medals, cards, and (in the future) other goodies. Medals can be obtained through games, donations, and various forum activities.

There are two types of medals in this game; Cell Medals and Core Medals. Cell medals are much more common, and are the basic currency. Core medals are less common, and come in different types. Cell medals have a grey border, and core medals have a gold border.
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Core Medals may be traded between players for other core medals at a 1:1 ratio (make sure to log it!); Cell Medals may only be exchanged on this forum.

Exchange rates subject to change :)

3x Cell Medal: 1 random core medal
5x Cell Medal: 2 random cards
10x Cell Medal: 5 random cards
1x Core Medal: 1 random card of same (or similar)-coloured deck (Red for a red or pink card, etc)
3x Core Medal (same-colour combo): 1 choice card
3x Core Medal (different colour combo): 1 random card from choice deck

When you are ready to exchange your medals, please start a new thread named "(Your Name)'s Medal Exchange" and include the following:

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[b]Medals Trading In:[/b]
[b]Items Wanted:[/b]
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