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Super Masters Information

Postby Nori » Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:32 am

Please note that the Super Masters activity will not begin until at least 5 series have more than 5 of the same type of deck

Super Masters are this game's version of the Combo Cards used in other games. Your master badges will act as cards (this is why they have your name on them), and the idea is to get a combination of matching master badges. Master badges do not have to come from the same set/series/categories, but must be somehow related. You may only use a master badge for ONE Super Master - if you want to use it again, you'll have to master the deck again and receive a new master badge.

Blue Ranger Super Master: master 5 separate Blue Ranger decks. (gekiranger-gekiblue, gokaiger-gokaiblue, shinkenger-shinkenblue, gobusters-bluebuster, goonger-goonblue)
Second Rider Super Master: master 5 separate Second Rider decks. (deno-zeronos, fourze-meteor, kabuto-thebee, 555-kaixa, w-accel)
Series Ranger Super Master: master 5 separate Ranger decks for a particular series. (gokaiger-gokaired, gokaiger-gokaiblue, gokaiger-gokaigreen, gokaiger-gokaipink, gokaiger-gokaiyellow). It would not necessarily have to be the main 5; 6th rangers, etc, would count (shinkenger-shinkengold, gokaiger-gokaisilver, goonger-goongold/silver)

Super Masters can also work in 10s - for instance, 5 ranger decks AND their normal human form decks, or 10 Kamen Rider series decks.

These are simply examples, and by no means the only ones you could use - you could go for card colour, similarities (sword specialists, etc), long-haired men; the sky is the limit. Just try not to get *too* crazy.

The rewards for each 5-card Super Master are 3 choice cards, 2 random cards from a (different) choice deck, and 5 random cards, as well as a special Super Master badge.

To claim your rewards, leave a post in your Masteries thread with the following information:

Code: Select all
[b]Masters[/b] (your master badges)
[b]Mastery Type[/b] (Blue Ranger, Series, etc)
[b]Choice Cards[/b]
[b]Choice Deck[/b] (must be different from Choice Card deck)
[b]Image you would like on your Super Master badge[/b] It can be anything of your choosing, so long as it relates to the theme of your mastery.
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