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Postby Nori » Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:30 am

If you would like to donate images for a new deck, please make your claims here. There are currently no limits on the number of decks you can donate, but for now I will only accept 2 deck donations per series, per claim, per person - in other words, you're welcome to claim 6 decks at a time, but they must be from at least 3 separate series. Once you have fulfilled your claim to that series, you may donate more. This is to help prevent series bottlenecking (15 decks for one series, 2 for another, etc) and to help ensure the claims are followed through on while we are starting up.

(Also as an FYI, I'm personally more familiar with Kamen Rider. Hence, most of the examples will be such.) Guidelines/etc. are subject to change.

I will not be accepting deck donations for Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters until a sufficient number of episodes have aired (20-25)

Donation Requirements - All Decks
Please submit at least 25 images per deck claimed. These can be screencaps, magazine scans, etc. Images should be the best quality/highest resolution you can manage, and must be at the very least 100x75px (if you are using icon bases, etc., you have created). You need not edit the images in any way; just submit them as a zip or rar file labeled something like (yourname)-series-subject. (ex: nori-krw-teruiryuu or nori-shinkenger-shinkenyellow). Please use the FULL NAME of the subject; it will save me time making decks for series I'm not as familiar with.

And this is more than a selfish personal-preference request than a requirement, but for characters that can actually make facial expressions, try to include an oshit face or goofy O_o huhhh? expression or two ;)

Character, Rider, Ranger Decks
+ Images will preferably come from multiple episodes (or photoshoots, if magazine scans/etc) from the series itself. For Rider and Ranger decks, their main deck will be their main/original/most used (ex: Plat Form being Den-O's "main"/unaugmented form, but Sword Form being the most used) form. Currently I will take donations for a certain form of a ranger or rider, provided they have spent a significant amount of time in it (it wasn't a one-shot thing or something that everyone can transform into on a limited scale)/is NOT a movie-only form.

+Must be from the main series. Movie-only characters will be considered for special decks in the future, UNLESS they have appeared in more than one movie (Chou Den-O, etc)

Examples of acceptable decks:
Main form: Ranger(insert colour here), OOO's Tatoba combo, W's CycloneJoker, normal character (human form) images
Alternate Form: W's FangJoker/LunaTrigger, Den-O's Sword/Gun/Rod/Axe Form, OOO's Sagozou/Tajador combos, possessed/etc forms of human characters (Den-O's Momo/Ryuu/Ura/Kin-Tarou or Deneb-Yuuto).

Examples of unacceptable decks:
Super Shinken(colour), Kiva's Emperor Form, Den-O's Deneb-Ryoutarou

Series Decks
+Should contain images from throughout the series; preferably with more than one character per image

I am not currently taking deck requests or donations for monsters/etc, unless they fall under the category of transformation trinket or play a big part in the series AND have a human form (the ClayDoll Dopant, Greeeds, Rio/Mele, Bosco, the Wolf/Horse Orphnochs, etc)

Transformation trinkets and other items
Rider belts, Origami, etc. For the time being I will accept limited items/trinkets on a case-per-case basis. Den-O's Taros's, Kiva's Kivatte, Gokaiger's Navi, etc. will be considered characters as they are able to speak and act of their own accord -- in other words, if it's animate under its own power and can speak, it's a character; if not, it isn't (Fourze's Foodroids, OOO's Candroids, etc.)

I realize that some of these examples fall under multiple categories, so feel free to ask if you are unsure. More categories will be added as necessary.

When you are ready to submit your donations, please start a new thread titled "Your Name's Donations". Please place ALL links in the first post (editing as necessary - this is basically your table of contents, and allows me to easily find everything), and use additional posts to notify me when you have updated your post. Make note of what is newly added by either somehow marking them, putting them at the bottom of the post, or dating your additions.

Rewards: 5 random cards and one random medal per deck.
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