Graphic Donation Information

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Graphic Donation Information

Postby Nori » Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:04 pm

When submitting graphic donations, please create a new thread titled "Your Name's Donations". Please use the first post as a table of contents (all links should be here), and organize them by month with the newest at the bottom. When you add something new, bump the thread with a post saying what you added.

There are currently no limits on graphic donations
ALL Donations: Please include your name in the file name. If you are donating more than 5 buttons/attack cards or a badge set, please zip/rar them.

Button Donations: Buttons should be 88x31 or 100x35. They may use any image(s) you like, so long as they relate to the focus of the TCG. You will receive one random card per button.

Level Badge Donations: Badges may use any images you like, and MUST have the words "Plastic Suits!" and level number written on them (for a total of 10 level badges). They can be a series, a character, a genre - whatever you like. There is no actual file dimension limit, but try to keep it reasonable (one side less than 300px is a good start). You will receive three random cards and two random medals per badge set.

Attack Card Donations: Attack Cards are this TCG's version of trade stamp cards. They can use any image you like, but MUST have "Plastic Suits!" and 20 mark-off spaces on them. They may be any size under 250x250px. You may make a matching stamp for your cards if you like, but it is not required. You will receive two random cards per Attack Card.
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