A.K.A. the FAQ of questions no one actually asked! Various information regarding just about everything!

Setting Up Your Trade Post

If you are new to online TCG's, setting up your trade post may be confusing at first. This section will tell you exactly what your trade post needs to have, and some tips.

First, you need a place to store your cards, logs, and other goodies. This can be a personal website, a public LJ/DW/whatever post, or something similar. If you need a place to host your website, please check the links section for some suggestions.

Things your trade post MUST have:
Your name, your level, the number of cards you have AND their worth (regular cards are all worth 1; so if you have 50 regular cards, their worth is 50), at least one way to contact you (an email address, form, or link to your forum wishlist), and an activity/trade log. You can take a look at my personal trade post as an example.

Your Activity and Trade logs should be as specific as possible, and say exactly when and where you got your cards/currency. You do not need to keep two separate logs, so long as it is obvious how you got your cards. Not logging your cards/activity can be counted as cheating.

Example Log
mm.dd.yy +003 cards, +002 cell medals (Games: Pick-A-Pirate) shinkenger-shinkenblue02, kiva-kiva08, fourze-meteor20
TRADE My shinkenger-shibatakeru06 for PlayerName's deno-sakuraiyuuto14

mm.dd.yy +002 cards (Daily Freebies) gekiranger-gekiblue15, 555-inuitakumi09

Setting Up Your Cards

Usually traders will organize their cards into three to four categories: cards they are actively collecting, cards they are keeping (most often to collect in the future, but are lower priority than collecting cards), cards they might trade (possible future collections), and cards they are trading. It is best to have some sort of order (for this particular game, ordering them by series is a good idea, and your cards should always be in their proper numerical order. It makes things a lot easier for people.), so people don't get confused and are able to easily figure out what you have, and what you are looking for. Label your categories, so you don't get people constantly trying to trade you for things you don't want to trade away. It is also nice, though not required, to have a "wishlist" somewhere on your page - a list of decks or specific cards you are looking for, and more willing to trade for.

Cards and Hotlinking

While I would prefer you save the cards to your own server, I understand that not everyone is able to do this (you're using a journal post as your trade post, you don't have a whole lot of bandwidth, whatever). As such, for the time being I will allow hotlinking of cards. If you are making trades through the forum, feel free to link to the cards here on Plastic Suits! rather than hotlinking from your server.

Using a card manager script

If you are using a card manager script to manage your trade post (EasyTCG or something similar) that has the ability to automatically upload new cards from a URL, you may do so. The card directory URL is The default (non deck-specific) pending/filler cards are pending.png and filler.png. If you would prefer to have your pending/filler cards match your decks, the cards for each one are decknamepending.png and deckname00.png. Obviously, you will need to replace "deckname" with whatever the deck's filename is.

Activities and Other Information

Forum Activity

While many activities will take place on the forum, you are not required (though it is recommended) to register for an account to trade or what-have-you. For activities that DO require you to post on the forum, I have created a guest account for you to use. The user is Guest, and the password is guest123. If you use this account, please include your NAME in ALL posts you make, so I know who the rewards and such go to :)

If you're just joining, you may notice that you're unable to register for the forum. This is because I get so many spam memberships even with admin approval turned on that my inbox turns into a giant mess, and it is sometimes hard to distinguish spam members from legitimate ones. When you join, you'll be emailed after you're approved to let you know that I have opened forum registration for you. Alternately, you can use the username and password above to Request Registration Activation on the forum.


DURING THE PREJOIN PERIOD: If someone lists you as their referrer, you will receive 3 random cards and a random core medal. After the prejoin period, you will receive 2 random cards and a cell medal.

Can we donate Power Rangers/Ultraman/Armor Hero/other Toku decks?

Short answer: no. Longer answer: In the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai franchises alone there are nearly 80 series, so that's a lot of stuff to get through. As Power Rangers basically ARE Super Sentai (MMPR being heavily based on Zyuranger and a few others, Power Rangers RPM/Samurai being Go-Onger and Shinkenger, etc.), there's too much overlap in just about everything but the actors/actresses. I'm not saying "no" as in "it will never happen", but "no" as in "it will be up for future discussion depending on what people want". The same will go for other Toku series (Armor Hero, et al). That said, you may use Power Rangers images when donating SUIT decks, since they're the same darn suits ;)