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Posted May 29, 2012. 3 comments.

Just a quick note to let ya’ll know I’m home, and I will be working periodically throughout the week making decks and catching up on forum replies/etc, with a planned complete-full-total update of games and a lot of things I hadn’t had a chance to put up yet this weekend.

For being so awesomely patient with me this month, everyone may take TWO choice cards. Cards must be from different decks, and please leave a comment telling me what you took :)


On May 29, 2012 Ralene said:

Welcome back, hope you had fun at your con and did well on your exams!

I’m going to pick up gekiranger-gekiblue06, ooo-oootatobacombo16, thank you very much!

On May 30, 2012 Aby said:

Welcome back!!! Did you have a great time at the con? o3o

Taking goonger-sutouhiroto20, and shinkenger-shinkengreen01!

On Jun 1, 2012 Aegis said:

Go start your summer and have some fun!

Taking: gekiranger-uzakiran12 and w-accel01

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