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Silly life.

Posted Jun 26, 2012. 3 comments.

This “being able to update while I’m away” thing didn’t work out as planned (hello, no free time). I’m home now, and there will be a full update tomorrow.

In the meantime, everyone may take five cards off the randomizer. Be sure to let me know what you took! :)


On Jun 26, 2012 Ralene said:

Glad to see things are still going okay for you!

Picked up goseiger-goseiknight20, deno-zeronosaltairform03, deno-zeronosaltairform20, ooo-kougamikousei15, magiranger-magigreen18. :)

On Jun 27, 2012 Aegis said:

gekiranger-uzakiran19, goonger-sutoumiu09, deno-nogamiairi14, ooo-kougamikousei12, kabuto-tendousouji04

On Jul 8, 2012 Alecks said:

dekaranger-dekapink09, dekaranger-dekared14, magiranger-magiblue15, gekiranger-gekiblue02, megaranger-megablack11. Thanks!

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