GAMES | Pick-A-Pirate

Them Gokaigers are a rowdy, yet loveable bunch. Pick a (space) pirate to win a prize! But choose wisely - some are more than willing to share their treasure, some are a little stingy, some may give you nothing, and some may even steal your loot! They may be a little cuddly, but they are pirates, after all. Please pick one, and only one.

Any cards or medals stolen from you will be placed below as part of the Greatest Treasure. The Gokaigers will never steal a card from your collecting or keeping decks, and you get to choose the card they have stolen. If any items are stolen from you, receive a choice card, or win the Greatest Treasure, please follow the instructions on the page.

Listed below are the treasures each member has. Some treasures are combined (one gives up two cards, but also gives up three cards, meaning they give up five total cards). You will always be informed if any will steal from you, but you will never be informed if one will give you the Greatest Treasure.

Round 1:
3 will give up 3 random cards
4 will give up 2 random cards
None will give up a choice card
3 will give up cell medals
2 will give up core medals.
3 will give up random medals.
2 will give you nothing.
None will steal from you.

Captain Marvelous Joe Gibken Luka Millfy
Don Dogoier Ahim de Famille Ikari Gai